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Locked Debit or Credit Card

Have you locked your credit or debit card?

I recently had my FNB debit card locked at an ATM while i was trying to withdraw funds, as you all know you are only allowed to enter the pin 3 times. Guess it was a stressful day, never had this happen before.
Credit or Debit Cards

How do you unlock your credit/debit card?

I know this is annoying, but because of a security risk you are required to take your card to your nearest branch to have them activate the credit/debit card again. Unfortunately you cannot reset your pin on a locked card online, therefore the nearest FNB branch is the only way out.

What proof do you need when visiting a branch for re-activation of a locked debit/credit card?

All that is required is proof of identity (drivers license or ID document) and your locked card. To speed up the event, do not stand in the teller queue having to find out that you need to be at the service desk. FNB will re-activate the card and give you the opportunity to provide a new pin. Be sure to remember the new pin, to avoid visiting the branch again.

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