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Ways to Save on Credit Card Fees

We all like to spend spend money and just swipe that credit card like it has no limit, but in reality we cant, especially during this economic crunch, we are all facing now. Many people are being retrenched and having debt, could put a lot of pressure on us all. So how can we start saving? Well, start by saving on credit card fees. Here follows a few GREAT ideas on reducing your credit card fees.

Tips to save or reduce your credit card fees.

  • Use the Internet to do your banking – payments online to your ABSA credit card will prevent you paying cash for deposit fees.
  • Using or swiping your credit card will benefit you in in two ways;  1) free purchase transactions, seeing no withdrawals and 2) you have the 57 days interest free period on all your transactions (remember to stick to your minimum outstanding payment required at the end of each month to avoid penalties)
  • Transfer extra bucks into your credit card account to gain interest or to reduce interest against your credit.
  • Please note that cash withdrawals and garage transactions do NOT fall into the interest free period, interest on these transactions will be calculated on the date of transaction.
  • Also remember cash withdrawals at a non ABSA ATM, will result in a additional fee/service charges.

Hope this help in saving an extra buck or two on your credit card…

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