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Saving Money Tips

Here are a few MORE tips to save money!

I have to say in times like this, having an extra buck is worth so much to your empty pocket, well at least mine! 🙂 We are all facing the economic crises and we are all feeling the dreadful crunch. So, lets try and save a bit on things we know or perhaps the things we don’t know.

To start off, if you missed the topic on saving on credit card fees then please go and read this, it is so worth it. Here is the link in case you don’t have it “Save on Credit card fees“. Okay, back to a short summary on how to save money.

  • Savings help in the long run, decide on an amount to save every month and don’t go too high.
  • Once you get your savings up, it can be a backup if you need to do something urgent or if you need to buy things which are expensive without using your credit card.
  • Earn some interest on your savings.
  • Keep or stick to your minimum budget payments, and don’t fall behind this could be costly.
  • Plan your cash withdrawals ahead, and refrain from drawing multiple small amounts in a short period. Remember you are charged a service fee each time you transact.
  • You can also study your bank statements and try to see where you were charge excessively and try to avoid that.
  • Next time you use your credit card, categorize between “I want this” and “I need this”. If you don’t have the money or the ability to pay it back soon, then try to avoid it until you can afford it.

Well, these examples are just a few, but if I can think of any more ways to save money, then I will DEFINITELY add it to this list. Take care…..

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