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Increase your ABSA Credit Card Limit

Is your credit card limit not enough? Well, why not increase it? That of course if you do qualify and you are in a position to pay it all back.

How to increase your credit card limit:

Your limit on your credit card is the maximum amount you can spend on your card. This is all determined by your financial status and worthiness. ABSA will determine your limit by accessing some private information which involve access to sensitive or private information like income and expenses.

Credit limits:

There are two credit limits one for budget and one for a straight facility.

  • Budget – this facility can be used for purchases over R300 and a pay back period of minimum 6 to 12 months
  • Straight – you can use the limit available on your straight account as soon as you receive your credit card and pay the amount off as stated in the payment terms.

In addition you can decide how you would like to structure the credit limit between the budget and straight accounts; there are a number of ways to do this for example you could:

  • split budget and straight in half; meaning 50% budget limit and 50% straight limit; or
  • allocate 40 budget and 60% straight; or
  • if you don’t want a budget at all, then have 100% allocated to the straight account

Want to increase your limit, then give ABSA a call today.

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