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Credit Card Security Tips

Safety always comes first, keeping your money safe means that you will need to keep your credit card safe, so here are a few tips that you ca use as a guide.

  • Report any lost or stolen credit cards as quickly as possible to your bank, this will avoid any further transactions with the stolen or lost card. You can contact ABSA Credit Card division at 0800 11 11 55
  • Never leave your wallet, purse or handbag unattended. Details on your card can easily be copied or skimmed.
  • It is good practise to sign your credit card and to keep it safe.
  • Treat your credit card like cash and do not leave it lying around.
  • Another thing to consider is to use your credit card to pay for goods when you shop, this is not only convenient, but puts you out of the risk to carry cash with you.
  • Check your bank statements regularly and thoroughly and report any suspicious transactions to the bank.


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