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Compare Credit Cards from ABSA

Everybody knows how easy it is to get hold of a credit card, but do you really know which card suits your income and needs? ASBA will help you compare and decide which credit card will suit you best.

Well lets look at some of the products ABSA has to offer:

  • Platinum credit card – will suit your unique lifestyle and financial needs and requires an income of R25000
  • Gold credit card – This card requires an income of R10000 per month and will give you full credit facilities and the status you have earned.
  • Silver credit card – Here you require an income of about R4000 per month, this card also give you a lower debit and higher credit interest.
  • Classic credit card – this card will be suitable for an income of R2000 per month.

How to obtain an ABSA credit card?

Life couldn’t have been easier. Today everything can be ordered online, the Internet has become the most powerful tool ever. You can simply visit ABSA’s website and fill out an application form on their website for the credit card you need.

Credit cards can be dangerous!

You will need to be disciplined, you can fall into debt so easy. When you obtained your credit card and started using it, be sure to stick to your minimum paybacks on a monthly basis.

Enjoy the spending!

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