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Apply for an Absa Credit Card

How to apply for an Absa Credit Card?

Applying for a credit card these days are so simple. You can either visit your nearest branch or simply do this online.

Things you will need when applying for an ABSA credit card:

  • You will need an ID book or passport;
  • Proof of income, so ask your employer for a salary slip;
  • You will also need to compile a list of expenses including the amounts outstanding (expenses like Edgars account, Woolworths account, Cellphone account and so on);
  • If you are younger than 18 you will need to apply at your nearest branch for surety;
  • Also if you are self employed, you will need to provide them with at least three months worth of bank statements or have your accountant write Absa a letter on their letter head;
  • If you are married you may have to provide your spouses Id document; and
  • Lastly you will be required to sign or acknowledge the terms and credit card conditions.

Once the verification step is complete, then it just a case of answering a couple of questions about yourself. Things like occupation, health, marital status, number of dependants and so on. Easy, right? 😉 So get your ABSA Credit Card today and enjoy the spending or swiping!

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